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Root Canals – Lincoln, NE

Nothing to Fear Any More

Model of the inside of a tooth

If you have a tooth that just won’t stop hurting, then a root canal might be just what you need to achieve lasting relief. For many patients, hearing this would be considered bad news, but in truth, this procedure’s dubious reputation is largely undeserved. Thanks to the tools and techniques used here at South Ridge Dental, our root canal patients report feeling virtually no discomfort, much to their surprise! It’s actually one of the best tools we have for stopping severe dental pain, not causing it!

Why Choose South Ridge Dental for Root Canals?

Why You Might Need a Root Canal

Animation of damaged tooth

Every single one of your teeth is composed of 3 distinct layers: enamel on the outside, dentin below that, and at the center, a bit of soft tissue called the dental pulp. When this pulp is exposed to bacteria (either due to a longstanding cavity or crack in the enamel), it can become infected, and the only way to treat it and save the tooth is with a root canal.

For this procedure, your dentist will start by numbing your tooth until you can’t feel a thing, and then they’ll create a small hole in the enamel so they can reach the infected pulp. It will be removed, the inside of the tooth will be thoroughly cleaned, and then it will be rebuilt with a custom-made restoration to bring back its strength and appearance. Afterward, the tooth can be expected to look and function like normal for many years to come.

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