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How Dental Implants Work – Lincoln, NE

Learn More about the Dental Implant Process

Model of how dental implants work in Lincoln.

Dental implants are a revolutionary treatment because they are the only tooth loss solution that recreates the root and the crown. To treat the entire tooth structure, you’ll need to undergo a multi-phased treatment process that can take several months to complete. There’s no need to worry. Here’s how dental implants work in Lincoln, and what you can expect while on your journey to a complete smile.

Initial Consultation

Model of each part of a dental implant.

Most patients who have good oral and general health are candidates for dental implants, but you’ll still need a thorough consultation to ensure they are the right choice for you. Besides discussing your oral and medical history, we’ll also need to review a CT scan of your mouth to look for any issues hidden below the surface. Depending on the results of your examination, you might need additional treatments before your implant placement surgery, like periodontal therapy, bone grafting, or a sinus lift.

Dental Implant Placement Surgery

Dental model of a dental implant in a jawbone.

After you’ve healed from any previous treatments, you’re scheduled for your implant placement surgery. Sedation or anesthesia is used to ensure your comfort as your gum tissue is opened to access your jaw. Small holes are drilled into pre-determined locations in your bone. The titanium posts are inserted into the holes, and your gum tissue is stitched closed.

Osseointegration and Abutments

Plastic model of an implant-supported bridge.

You’ll spend the next few weeks healing, allowing your jaw to fuse to the posts through a process called osseointegration. This provides a stable foundation for your restoration while also allowing the dental implants to remain in place forever with the right care, like maintaining your oral hygiene.

Once your bone has healed, you’ll need a second minor surgery to place abutments onto your posts. These are special fixtures to connect your restoration to your implants. During the procedure, your gum tissue is opened to expose the head of the posts. The abutments are affixed to the posts, and your gum tissue will heal around them over the next 2 weeks.

Restoration Process

Single unit dental implant post.

While you’re recovering from your abutment procedure, the dental lab is hard at work creating your new teeth from durable material. They are carefully crafted to match the color, size, and shape of your natural teeth for flawless results. You can smile with confidence because no one will know they aren’t your real teeth. You can also chew your favorite foods comfortably because your restorations are made of high-quality material.

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