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4 Signs It’s Time to Have Your Dental Crown Replaced

April 15, 2023

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person having a dental crown replaced

Dental crowns, tooth-shaped caps used to restore teeth, are known for their durability. However, even with proper care, they can wear down over time. On average, dental crowns can last between 10 to 15 years, but eventually, replacement becomes necessary. Ignoring signs that indicate it’s time to replace your dental crown can result in further tooth damage and potentially require more extensive dental work in the future. To ensure you stay ahead of the game, keep reading to learn about four signs that indicate it’s time to consider getting new dental crowns.

#1: Dental Crowns Sustained Damage

Thanks to advancements in dental crown materials, their durability and aesthetic appeal have greatly improved. However, over time, chips and cracks can still occur. It’s essential to address any signs of wear to ensure the long-lasting effectiveness of the restoration.

Dental crowns can sustain damage for various reasons, including biting on hard objects, experiencing a fall or sports-related injury, using teeth as tools, or simply due to natural wear and tear over time. If a dental crown becomes damaged to the extent that it cannot be repaired effectively, your dentist may suggest replacing it with a new crown.

#2: Your Crowns Are Showing Signs of Advanced Age

If your dental crown has been in place for over a decade, it is crucial to have a conversation with your dentist about the possibility of replacing it, even if there are no visible signs of damage. The age of the crown itself can pose potential issues and impact its functionality over time.

Additionally, if you have a habit of grinding your teeth (bruxism), this can lead to premature wear and affect the longevity of the crown. Prioritize regular preventive exams with your dentist as well. These routine check-ups enable them to assess the condition of your dental crown and provide recommendations for replacement if needed.

#3: Your Gumline is Receding

The gums surrounding a dental crown are susceptible to a higher accumulation of bacteria compared to those around a natural tooth. As a result, maintaining proper oral hygiene becomes crucial to minimize the risk of gum disease.

Daily brushing and flossing are essential practices to help prevent complications. However, despite your diligent efforts, some issues may still arise. Regular dental check-ups and professional cleanings can further assist in addressing any potential concerns and ensuring the health of your gums and dental crown.

If you observe your gumline receding, it is crucial to schedule a visit to your dentist without delay. This occurrence could indicate either bacterial damage to your gum tissue or an improper placement of the dental crown. Early detection and prompt treatment are essential in preventing further damage and preserving the health of your teeth and gums.

#4: You’re Experiencing Pain or Swelling Around Your Dental Crown

If you are encountering pain, swelling, or inflammation around a tooth that has a dental crown, it is of utmost importance to seek immediate dental attention. Discomfort in the area may indicate the need for crown replacement.

Additionally, a persistent toothache, heightened sensitivity, or gum swelling could be signs of a damaged, outdated, or improperly placed crown. Seeking prompt care can help prevent further complications and ensure that the appropriate treatment is provided.

About the Practice

At South Ridge Dental, you can expect top-notch dental crown services that fill in gaps and deliver a natural-looking, functional smile. Moreover, they offer crown replacements for worn-out dental restorations, ensuring your dental work remains in excellent condition. Whether you’re ready to schedule an appointment with South Ridge Dental or seeking more information on dental crowns, you can reach their office at (402) 423-1616 or visit their website.

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